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Today’s Prompt

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

This was a no brainer.  While I had a lot of favorite teachers over the years, one stands out as the person whose teachings impacted my daily life.

That would have to be my high school Home Ec teacher, Mrs. L.

Learning to cook and sew and run a house may seem old fashioned by today’s standards, but other than the sewing, the skills I learned from this woman are very much in need; not just in my household, but in every household.

The sewing, which I still love to do when I have time, has been a hobby for many years, and I have made a lot of heirlooms and memories, using the skills I learned…

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About coolone160

I like to blog when some random thoughts inspire me or persuade me to write.The golden era in of the 60′s always fascinates me.I seek inspiration from the present, past and future………………………

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