Jack Nicholson thriller…………….

The Sporadic Chronicles

The SHining Poster

“Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.”
– Dick Hollorann

Ah, an oldie but a goodie. I got this for Christmas as a gift from my colleague. She was so worried that I would have it (being a favourite of mine and all of that), that she went as far as to fish around at what titles I already have in my collection. Anyhow, I geared up for this over the holiday, and again, adored it.

I read The Shining, too, and I own it. The book is fantastic (as only Stephen King can effortlessly produce), and the movie is brilliant, too, although the movie is not quite nearly the same as the book, which is okay. And it is okay because Stanley Kubrick took the skeleton of the film and made it his own, and he did it well.

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes a…

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I like to blog when some random thoughts inspire me or persuade me to write.The golden era in of the 60′s always fascinates me.I seek inspiration from the present, past and future………………………

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