Forrest Gump  is a movie in which Tom hanks was as his best. The movie includes the life of Forrest a naïve (not worldly-wise according to standards) and slow-witted yet an apathetic fellow who wins over many hearts by his simple and yet philosophical(life is like a box of chocolates) view towards life . The movie incidents spans  his life and witnesses prominent events of  history. There were very touching and poignant moments in the film. One touching moment was where Forrest meets 2nd Lt. Dan Taylor again after the war Taylor now an amputee, he is enraged at Forrest for saving his life and leaving him crippled and changing  his destiny to die in battle like his ancestors.The scene where Forrest learns from Jenny that she had a son from him;and asks her “is he smart” is touching indeed and one is moved to tears 😥 . And when Dan Taylor…

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I like to blog when some random thoughts inspire me or persuade me to write.The golden era in of the 60′s always fascinates me.I seek inspiration from the present, past and future………………………

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