Seniors text messaging each other in their hig...


Seniors text messaging each other in their high school English class in Calhan, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


90’s  have introduced us to new technological innovations such as mobile phones,PCs and plethora of other gadgets.


Before the mobile phones,recall how we have to rush to public booths or a friend’s house to make an important call if our landline was out-of-order; how we had to book long distance calls 🙂 .How we waited for mails from our friends and relatives for weeks on end before the emergence of e-mail; we knitted our eyebrows on minor grammatical mistakes before Text-messaging(which gave rise to a whole new lingo 😉 )


Now we can call anyone or message him at any time,send mails at a click of a button;sure it has made our life lot  easier and hassle-free,but we have lost…

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I like to blog when some random thoughts inspire me or persuade me to write.The golden era in of the 60′s always fascinates me.I seek inspiration from the present, past and future………………………

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